The difference of a Jiu Jitsu class and and timed training coach


A martial arts instructor teaches people all aspects of a martial art, from tactics, self-defence and physical conditioning, to philosophy, history and decorum.

Since the times of the earliest recorded societies, mankind has trained in and developed the arts of war during peace time, as preparation for times of conflict. Before the advent of firearms these arts consisted of fighting with the hands and feet, as well as training with weapons such as cutting instruments (swords, knives), blunt instruments (chains, staffs) and projectiles (javelins, bow and arrow). Over time various countries’ arts of war, literally translated as the martial arts, became highly stylised by their elite practitioners – a physical elite who organised them into learning systems encompassing physical conditioning, philosophy and etiquette.

With the advent of firearms there has been little need for hand to hand combat in most developed countries since the 16th century and yet the martial arts have continued to exert a lasting appeal over society, never more so than today. The reasons for this are manifold: the martial arts are challenging to learn; one must pass through physical, emotional and spiritual learning, none of which comes without a measure of adversity. Through adversity one can learn about oneself, one’s limits, and how to exceed these. There is also a perceived need for personal self-defence in today’s society and to a practitioner, the martial arts offer confidence, itself a deterrent to crime. There are many other reasons for learning a martial art, each one of them personal to the individual student.


The next time you take a class remember your teachers have a life time of experience to help you to achieve your goals that is a way more than a gym coach, that’s a way more than simple  time keepers.


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