Alex Diaz

Brown Belt

Assistant Head Instructor

Alex Diaz is currently a Brown belt, who has been training under the instruction of Carlos Lemos Jr. at Gracie Barra Downers Grove since the beginning of his Jiu Jitsu journey.
Approaching his tenth year in the modality, he affirms that Jiu Jitsu has had nothing but an absolute positive impact on his life, right from the beginning.
As a coach to kids, teens and now adults, Alex believes it is time for him to give back to his community and share the many mental and physical benefits that training brings. He attributes his discipline and focus to his training and guarantees that his life has changed for the better. Honesty and integrity are essential characteristics taught in Jiu Jitsu, thus contributing to the person Alex is today.

As he continues to grow in his training and coaching journey, Alex will continue to focus on his technique and conveying that Jiu Jitsu is so much more than just a fighting style, an art, or a form of exercise. It is in fact a way of life and family, the bond that is made on the mat training, competing or teaching, is one of the strongest bonds there is. The skills learned on the mat spills into the personal lives of Jiu Jitsu players, building good character and serving the community. As a coach, he is determined to support his students in their quest for knowledge, skills, and self-improvement.

.Alex Diaz has competed getting 2nd place in the Chicago Open at middleweight 2018 at Purple belt, 1st place at AGF in Gi and in no gi lightweight division 2019, 1st place absolute division in no Gi at AGF 2019, 2nd place absolute division in Gi at AGF 2019 all at Purple belt. Fight 2 win record is 1-0 from 2019 at purple belt. Most recently competed at the Illinois Comp net getting 2nd place in The Brown belt division 2021. He is currently working with the team to grow as an athlete and come back stronger both mentally and physically to compete.