Professor Carlos Lemos Jr Honored at the Gracie Barra Europe Awards


??????Congratulations Prof. Carlos Lemos Jr. We are very proud of you!

REPOST FROM @carloslemosjrgb:
“ – 2004 start of @graciebarra Sweden , on my way to Scandinavia prof @braulioestima called me with an opportunity to visit Cheltenham UK that was a group looking for an instructor. After a 6 months stay in Sweden ?? and the successful implementation of The first network of GB schools in Scandinavia I went back to the U.K enrolled in college and started to work in the southwest England. .
– 2005 the percursor of @graciebarrabristol ?? in that region. In 2006 I moved up north while still working with my brothers and sisters down in the Southwest. – 2006 I helped to establish the first network of GB schools in Finland ??.
– 2007 prof Salvo opened @gracie_barra_bath_ .
– 2009 I moved back to America ?? after Kenzo was born and although my life was based in the US I kept continuing the strong leadership planted in EU.
– 2019 after almost 16 years of service to @gracie_barra_europe I was nominated by my three brothers @victorestimagb , @braulioestima and @salvobjj . That was a flattering surprise the consolidation of an incredible journey that I couldn’t have done without you. Thank you the pioneers who believed the dream to have a solid team in the whole of Europe the biggest and best team of all times.?.
Our success could not be possible without the help of @therealnicoboyish , @blackb31t , @salvobjj , @jukkalemola , @danijelbrajcic , @gbfighter , @graciebarrastreet , @graciebarrafrome , @gracie_barra_marlborough , @pats_nemisis (GB Swindon) , @graciebarrayeovil , @graciebarrayate , @gracie_barra_bath_ , GB West Super-mare (@kieran_southall @roystonsouthall ) GB Trowbridge (@alex.tweedie.1 ) & @rikswaine (GB Cardiff) @graciebarrabjj.lidkoping , @graciebarragothenburg , @gbbelgrade and @gbkouvola . Really this is not my award but the award of this amazing thing we all created together in various parts of Europe. A Huge thanks to Victor and Bráulio E @cmaiagb @lagartobjj @gracie_barra_hastings Niclas Peter.B Jukka L Asif Danijel Rich W @pats_nemisis @abustorff and a very special thanks to my brother @salvobjj. We did it brother ??‍♂️”


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