“Winners Under Professor Carlos”


Winners Under Professor Carlos: (Clockwise) Akemi, Prof. Carlos, Kenzo, Prof. Ryo Ominami, Mike Gould“Professor Carlos Lemos Jr.’s students win big at the Gracie Barra World Summit 2019 Compnet Tournament on Saturday, October 5.”

Both of Professor Carlos’ children, Akemi and Kenzo, performed extremely well and medalled in their respective divisions with Akemi placing first and  Kenzo defeating an older, much larger opponent.

In a similar fashion, GBDG and Carlos Lemos Brown Belt, Mike Gould, represented well by winning gold in his bracket.

Carlos Lemos Black Belt and former GBDG instructor, Prof. Ryo Ominami, also won gold in his division after several tough matches against some world-class GB Black Belts. Prof. Ryo is currently the head instructor at Gracie Barra Tokushima in Japan.

Congratulations Akemi, Kenzo, Mike and Prof. Ryo! We are proud of you!

Congratulations Prof. Carlos. The success of your students bears testament to your methods.

Special thanks to Akemi and Kenzo’s training partners at GBDG and to Professor Pedroca for his guidance and wisdom and for helping push them to their full potential every single day.


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