GB Downers Grove Notice


Hello GB Downers Grove Team!

We would like to take this time to reach out to you all, our amazing team of students and friends. Our goal at this moment is to send you some hope, reassurance, and positivity amidst such a hectic time for so many of us.

As many of you already know, our doors and mats at both academies remain open as of right now. We remain open on Monday (3/16) and Tuesday (3/17) while keeping up a safe and healthy environment. We plan to do this by:

  1. Continuing with additional cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces in the academy with our
    hospital-grade cleaner
  2. Screening all students as they enter the academy to politely ensure that no one with any signs of
    illness remains on the premises
  3. Requiring that all students to keep their shoes inside the gym bags and sanitize hands upon entering the academies
  4. Keeping the attendance cards away at the meantime to avoid cross contamination
  5. Modifying class format to minimize direct contact We are very pleased to announce that, due to the proactive approach of Gracie Barra worldwide, there has not been 1 single case of Covid-19 in any of our almost 900 schools in the world. We intend to keep moving with this same proactiveness. With these practices in place, we will continue our current schedule with all of our normal classes on Monday and Tuesday.

Starting Wednesday 3/18, both GB Downers Grove and GB East Naperville will transition into 100% virtual platform to help continuing your jiu jitsu journey in a safe and healthy manner. We expect this to continue through the end of March. During this time, we will be:

  1. Issuing all active members access to GB Online for free (normally for purchase). This amazing website (check it out at is full of all of our weekly lesson plans and curriculums taught by the greatest leaders in the Jiu-Jitsu community. This would be a great opportunity to review any old lessons, practice the current ones, or view the future lessons (kids, fundamentals, advanced, NoGi, takedowns, and more! All from the comfort of your home). If you or your child is an active member of GBDG/GBEN, click here to request the code. The admins will review the request, and send you the code once it’s released by Gracie Barra.
  2. Teaching special virtual classes through our members-only closed group on Facebook so that people can watch, participate from home, and even ask specific questions about techniques. We will start testing out these virtual sessions starting Monday, 3/16. If you haven’t joined the group, click here to request access to this group ASAP. Daily virtual sessions are offered Monday through Friday on the following schedule:
    * 11 am: Adults fundamental class
    * 5:30 pm: Kids all-levels class
    * 6:30 pm: Adults advanced class
  3. Exploring other ideas to enrich your experience and work together as a team through this difficult time. Keep an eye out for announcements from us!

While we are certainly being proactive about alternative solutions, we want to emphasize that our main objective is to continue your jiu jitsu journey safely. We strive to keep a highly positive and uplifting environment so that all of our team members have something positive to look forward to daily! We want to be the constant in your days that feel very unsure at the moment. We completely understand if you feel it is in your best interest to suspend your membership at this time. However, we humbly ask all of our students to consider not canceling your memberships with us and to continue your support for the school, if at all possible. We are a team of a small local family businesses that are here for you and your children year-round, and our teams cannot exist without your support.
Lastly, we want to let you know that we truly understand that you and your families are going through a period of uncertainty and adjustment, as our family and our staff members are as well. We deeply appreciate your understanding and support during this time. We cannot emphasize how much your messages of support have meant to us! We are feeling very grateful for each one of you receiving this.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to our admin team. We are confident that, together, we can come out of this in one piece and become stronger as a result. We want to do whatever we can to not only continue to bring value in the form of Jiu-Jitsu and GB Community but to support you off the mats as well.

Wishing you health and peace,

Admin Team, Gracie Barra Downers Grove
(630) 964-1414

Gracie Barra Downers Grove