BECOME a GB Downers Kids Ambassador

The idea of the ambassadors program is to improve the quality of life of our communities through highlighting role models. This in hope to inspire communities of the Chicagoland area to develop a healthy lifestyle, to be disciplined on physical training, respect and servitude.

The action

Through the ambassador’s program, we are to develop a 100% non profit organization with proper infrastructure to sponsor the community role models who represents the core values of Gracie Barra and martial arts within their own communities. By promoting these local heroes, sponsoring their Jiu Jitsu journey on and off the mats, we aim to multiply these role models within each community of the Chicagoland area.

The goal

To provide our youth something positive to look up to, and to improve quality of lives around our community in Chicago as a whole.

There are two purposes to the GB Ambassadors Program:

First, the objective of the GB Ambassadors Program is to unite everyone behind Gracie Barra. It is a platform to boost everybody’s training, connect the Professors and students, build greater unity in the team, reinforce the values of Gracie Barra, develop a stronger presence, and strengthen the technical level of all our GB students through different events. For example, GB Training Days, GB Seminars and GB Special Private Training sessions are events that promote the mission of GB. This program strives to generate greater unity behind the GB Team.

Second, the aim of the GB Ambassadors Program is to help fund our athletes to achieve their dreams at major competitions around the world.

Our goal is for as many members of the GB community to participate in the program as possible. By participating in our events throughout the year, the GB Ambassadors Program will grow and enable us to potentially expand in the years to come.

We are out on a mission looking for the GB Downers Grove ambassador! Do you know of a GB little champ or teen who has what it takes?

Our ambassador will be representing GB Downers, reaching out to his/her school to help set up a workshop. Our ambassador will be on the mats demonstrating with the instructors to bring jiu-jitsu to touch more lives! To help our ambassador grow on the path of jiu-jitsu, each ambassador will receive a GB backpack, hat, and a private lesson.

Need more information?

If you are interested or know of a little champ or teen that would be an excellent ambassador, please contact us bu using the form on your right.