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Contact Miryan and or Cristian for more info at (630) 964 1414

A very special event here at Gracie Barra Downers Grove on June 8th, 2013!

This is our inaugural “Buddies Day”. Come and join us for this special event. We will be celebrating the best students of the semester. Parents, here is what you need to do. Email or text us your children’s report card so that we can recognize their academic achievements here at the event. Your ticket to the event is at least bring two (2) of your friends and their parents to participate.

12 pm, June 8th at Gracie Barra Dowers Grove (tell your friends we are beside the Trader Joes on Ogden Avenue)

We will have fun and games for the children and food (healthy pizza, cookies and juices) for everyone. We will cap off the day with a self defense class so everyone who is unfamiliar with some of the advantages of Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu can see first hand the fun and benefits.

“The children of Gracie Barra Downers, as we see it, are at an advantage. They have access to caring parents/adults in the regular programs offered at GB Downers but they also have access to the “No Bullying” program and to the instructors and professors who teach their classes.”

In this upcoming event for the children we want the friends and parents who are not directly involved at Gracie Barra to have the same opportunities for themselves but more importantly, their children. We want them to have the same opportunities that our children do, that being healthy encouraging behaviors in our Gracie family environment. It seems only fair to us that our children’s best friends also reap the benefits that our children are embraced with: confidence, focus, respect, healthy peer and adult interaction, memory, skill building, self defense and attention building skills.
These benefits no doubt will spill over into cultivating healthy social peer relationships with friends and adults not to mention learning the often difficult childhood skill of learning how to negotiate around difficult peer situations including bullying, drugs and the like.

We are more than martial arts here at Gracie Barra Downers Grove. We are a family that has made it a priority to cultivate the best skills and behaviors in our children. And now, hopefully in our children’s This can only lead to a healthy spread to the behaviors of others. One might say this is learning and teaching leadership at the earliest time in one’s life, leading by example.

Our event night will be to promote these issues and to recognize the achievements of our children through good grades and educational achievements as well.

Deadline to sign up for the event is on the 1st of June. Send those report cards by then.

To sign up for our Buddies day call us at 630 964 1414 (Miryan ) or email us at



Don’t lose the opportunity to be a part of the Gracie Barra family while learning from two world-class black belt champions teaching in the same class!

****Just @ GB Downers Grove /630-964-1414******




 Bring one member of your family or a friend to be part of the “Gracie Barra family” and receive an official GB rash guard.

-The new member will also receive a $100.00 credit for signing up! (Valid until April 2nd)

” Family that trains together, stays healthily together”   




“Jiu Jitsu for everyone”

Gracie Barra Downers Grove

See you on the mats!

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