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“ The GB Chicagoland competition team training day (aka GB Chicagoland visiting day)

The GB Chicagoland family is stronger than ever and there is no better way to celebrate our strength as a team other than unifying our schools in preparation to the tournaments season of 2019.

If you are a 3 stripes white belt and up and you are an active member of a Gracie Barra planning to represent the Gracie Barra Chicagoland/ Illinois team pack your gi and get ready! Every 4th Saturday of the month We will be touring a different GB school.

 (Students of 11 years old and up.)

The kickoff will take place at Gracie Barra Downers Grove, 11:00am on Saturday Feb 23rd.

Come and join us and let’s together bring golds back home this season!

Gracie Barra Downes Grove serving downers Grove, Naperville and surrounding towns.

For a free trial lesson call us at ( 630) 964-1414


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