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“ The registration of the GB Experience Winter Camp Riviera Maya is now open sign up for the trip of a lifetime “

We are back !For the hottest winter ever! February 2019 While the whole northern hemisphere will be under the ice we will be enjoying the GB Lifestyle right at the paradise! Last year was EPIC! This year will be magical! Sign up today at : for another 5-star Gracie Barra Event in the world famous Rivera Maya ! Visiting one of the 7 wonders of the world at Chichenizta, diving on crystal clear water caves, workouts on the beach, 5 stars amazing all inclusive food and drinks and nothing less than 2 daily seminars featuring some of the best of GB Professor: Draculino, Romulo Barral, Carlos Lemos Jr, Marcos Barro, Rafael Olivier, Tussa, Rodrigo Mendanha, Asif, Don Fox, Rodrigo Silva, Mike Buckels, Salvatore Pace, Gibran and many more to added!

This this only the GB Team is offering a 4 split payment option for the first 30 spots! Don’t miss this epic Journey with a World Class Team

Sig up here :
! Uh Gracie Barra aha uhu ! “



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