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GB CompNet Report by Downers Grove

“ 27 competitors represented Gracie Barra Downers Grove at the GB CompNet  during the GB Midwest Regionals this weekend organized by GB Events in partnership with GB CompNet. We were the largest team of competitors to represent GB on this event outside of the state of MO and we were thrilled witness the GBDG students joining this historical moment of Gracie Barra. 

The hardest thing about competition is the courage and dedication driving towards the moment you bow onto the mats at a tournament. 

Everyone worked hard, attending training prep sessions and putting hours of hard work into this past few weeks. We saw the heart and soul reflected trough each and every match that was fought this last Saturday, and we are honored to celebrate the victories by their side. The preparation workshops and the dedication of our 27 competitors was translated on their performances with an incredible display of sportsmanship and skill from our students, families and instructors ! We’d like to thank all the staff of GB Downers Grove, our families and parents who supported our gb kids and adults on the first of many GB Compnet events in the Midwest ! A special Thanks to GB Events and prof Marcia for putting this incredible event together ! Let’s get ready for the next up and coming  challenge team ! “ 

GB Downers Grove serving the communities of Naperville and Downers Grove. Call us for a free trial class: 630-964-1414

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