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“ 6th Annual GB Downers Grove BBQ and Belt Grading”

We are thrilled to see over 90 participants at the annual BBQ of Gracie Barra Downers Grove today! What a perfect afternoon for the GBDG family to get together at the park with warm sun, good food, and laughters.

The top ranking taco bar, Cilantro Taco Grill kicked off the afternoon, feeding our hungry athletes. Along with that is a line up of 7 giant bowls of yummy guacamole made by our chefs: Marina, Justin, Carlones, Sagrario, Dagmara. Thank you Stacy for coordinating, and for sharing your love with the crowd!

Once everyone is fed and ready for some actions, we launched the 1st GBDG Fearless Takedown Tournament. Surprise! – How does judo takedown matches in a t-rex suit sound? Everyone gathered around the ring, cheered for the competitors, and had a blast! Thanks to our judge, sensei Ron, our future world champion Alexander, and Cassandra for hosting this event. Kudos to “Big Foot” Aaron and Jen for crafting such a cool trophy! We hope this is the first of many future takedown tournaments, and we are over the moon with the great feedback from everyone! Congratulations to all the competitors: Alex, Anthony, Devon, Jeff, Mike B., Prof Pedroca, Stacy, and Vincent – you were such skilled and vicious t-rex! Awesome job everyone!

Undress the t-rex suit, and off we go to put on the best outfit – our Gracie Barra gi! The belt grading is a stunning line up of our GBDG members, it was unbelievable how it took us to climb up a tree just to get everyone fit into the picture. Congratulations to everyone who achieved the next level in your jiu-jitsu, and those who earned your new belt: Jack Bayley, Luca Bayley, Max Zavala, Seth Myers, Steve Troha, and Stacy Fylstra for achieving the next level of your journey!


In the history of Gracie Barra Downers Grove, we’ve never had such a hard time fitting everyone into the same picture. We are so grateful how this team had came a long way to the strong family it is today. Special thanks to our group of instructors who came to support today, who are our pillars to build relationships across this family: Professor Carlos Lemos, Professor Pedroca, Professor Carlones, Instructor Devon, Instructor Freddy, Coach Kim, Coach Andy, Coach I-Yung, Sensei Ron, and ass. Coach Brandon. What a blessing of being part of the GBDG family. We look forward continuing this positive vibe and strong brotherhood/sisterhood back onto the mats with everyone next week!

GB Pink Team 2018 BBQ picture :

If you missed this amazing event stay tuned for the Christmas Party/ End of the Year celebration/Belt Grading coming up in December.

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