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“ Prof Carlos Lemos Jr Wins 4th World Title in Las Vegas “

Behind every achievement is a dedicated soul to never lose sight of his goal. Professor Carlos Lemos Jr, with heart of a lion, worked his way through 5 tough matches this week at one of the most prestigious tournament, the IBJJF World Masters Championship. As he received his 4th time world champion title, he humbly dedicated his achievement to the Gracie Barra team, where he learned the good spirit of an athlete, core value of a loyal teammate, and the wisdom of a teacher directly from his own, our master Carlos Gracie Jr.

It takes hard work to reach the stars, and it certainly takes a determined soul to achieve the beyond. Professor Carlos showed the students of Gracie Barra Downers Grove how a champion of life dedicates hard work to walk the path – the sacrifice one put into driving the results, and the never ending pursuit of a bettering all those around you on the same journey. Just two hours after Professor Carlos landed in Chicago with the title, he is back into his gi and working on drills at GB Downers Grove. When being asked why he did not take a break from the long trip, he responded that now it’s his quest is to bring the other dedicated ones through the journey and help them reach their dreams.

Jiu jitsu is more than a sport, and it is understanding the core spirit behind it that differentiates one practitioner to the other. Thank you professor Carlos for always inspiring ones around you, and keeping the legacy alive.

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