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“ GB Downers Student Wins the US Open Judo “

The Art of Judo is a product of Jiu Jitsu while Judo emphasizes on the throwing element rather than submissions, Jiu Jitsu is the very oposite.

Alex Poholik has been training Judo under the guidance of his father sensei Ron Poholik who’s the leader of Gracie Barra New Lenox and also a Judo master for years.

Sensei Ron entrusted Alex under the guidance of The Gracie Barra Downers Grove Team to improve the results of Alex ground game.

Alex felt in love with the gb Downers Team  and the teachings of our professors.


Alex overall campaign this weekend at the US Judo Open that had members from 17 different Countries proved that his father was right not only Alex out wrestled his competition but had also a solid victory on one of his matches completely on the ground, Gracie Barra style!

Congratulations Alex and sensei Ron our team is extremely proud of you!

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