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” Learn from the leader of Gracie Barra Japan “

Mark your calendar, Gracie Barra Downers Grove family, and get ready for Professor Nao Takigawa. Professor Nao is a 3rd degree black belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr. He is also the first Japanese that came to the original Gracie Barra, and today he is the leader of Gracie Barra Japan. Professor Nao is a close friend of Professor Carlos, and is traveling with his family across the oceans to visit leading GB schools of the Midwest.

Saturday, August 4th starting at 11am, followed by belt grading. Be sure to reserve your spot and join this great opportunity!

Gracie Barra Downers Grove Serving the communities of Downers Grove, Naperville and surrounding towns.
For a free lesson call us at : (630) 964 1414

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