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” Prof Romulo Barral Seminar Report “

It is our honor to have jiu jitsu hall of fame, Professor Romulo Barral, at Gracie Barra Downers Grove today. It is no secret how this world-known champion is excellent in sharing his knowledge, regardless of your experience level in Jiu jitsu. Under his guidance, the group were executing the techniques perfectly, and the energy on the mats was in perfect harmony.










While Professor Romulo was well know for open guard strategies, he surprised the GB Downers Grove team with a nice sequence of countering single leg into half guard attacks. The techniques are well emphasized on using your opponent’s reaction instead of forcing your way against strength. We wrapped up the seminar with the classic Gracie Barra chant, and the team enjoyed a few rounds of sparring with the professors.
We take pride in brining the top notch of the Gracie Barra network to our members and families, and we would not be able to make this without your commitment! Thank you everyone of GBDG, and your friends and family to make time out of your weekend to join us on the mats for another special event.




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” Jiu Jitsu for Everyone “

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