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” Introducing Chicagoland’s most comprehensive Kids No Gi BJJ Program “

Introducing the most comprehensive kids and kids advanced no gi classes, brought to you by Gracie Barra Downers Grove!

With 5 solid years of growing strong kids with communities of the Chicagoland area, Gracie Barra Downers Grove is proud to present the most comprehensive kids no-gi classes! We know the importance of building the kids skills and knowledge hand in hand with adaptability in every situation, we have the kids no gi class starting as early as white belt 3 stripes (average 4 months into jiu-jitsu training). 

The kids have the opportunity to make connections between gi and no gi techniques through solid instructions from GB black belt professors. Once the kids reach grey belt level, they are invited to participate in the kids/teens advanced jiu-jitsu program, which comes with a comprehensive kids advanced no gi classes. This program, different from the regular kids no gi, is structured to grow the skills and knowledge through solid situational drills, allowing the kids the opportunity to connect the dots between each technique, and build that into a flow of movements that expands the horizon of their jiu-jitsu.

With dynamic kids programs as such, Gracie Barra Downers Grove defiantly has the most comprehensive programs for your kids to excel, on and off the mats.

Unique Fetures of our Program :

– World Class Black Belt Professors teach the classes

– Miminum level of experience  pre required to participate in the classes.

– Situtuonal drills and strength conditioning used as part of the training method

– 100% official GB wear uniformed program

– Kids are matched accordingly based on age, wheigh division and ranking during the classes.


For More information on our No Gi Kids and Teens Progams call us at (630) 964 14-14

Gracie Barra Downers Grove serving Downers Grove, Naperville and surrounding areas .

” Jiu- Jitsu for Everyone ”

(630) 964-1414

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