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” GB Downers 2.0 Grand Opening “

For more than 5 years serving the Chicagoland, Gracie Barra Downers Grove has out grown our first home, and recently moved into a larger facility to accommodate more programs and classes. Today, we were thrilled having almost a hundred people from the local communities of Downers Grove, Hinsdale,Naperville, La Grange, Oak Brook and other neighboring towns showed up at the grand opening of Gracie Barra Downers Grove 2.0 to mingle with the team!

Our Gracie Barra black belt professors and assistant instructors lead the group through 3 hours of non-stop action!

Jiu-jitsu Quick Chokes: Professor Don and Prof. Carlon showed the team some effective yet easy to execute chokes from guard to surprise your opponent. These chokes are great for practitioners of all levels, and easily adaptable to transitions into sweeps.



Jiu-jitsu Arm Attacks: Prof. Don and Prof. Pedroca showed variations of arm attacks from mount to show practitioners how to spot opportunities for arm attacks from different angles.





Unstoppable Judo: Sensei Sofiane, French judo champion, brought his rich experience to the group. The concept of posture control leading into various foot sweeps and hip throw opened the eyes of our participants, making judo fun and interactive. 










Self-defense: Prof. Pedroca, Prof. Carlon, and Prof. Dave lead the multiple sessions with the Gracie Barra spirit of jiu-jitsu for everyone. They kept our visitors engaged and inspired through various self-defense technique that can be easily applied in case of conflict situation. Participants enjoyed the fun and interactive scenarios, filling the mats with confident smiles.









Kickboxing: Prof. Lou and Coach Tony executed flawless sessions, empowering participants across all ages, gender, and experience level to learn proper kickboxing techniques. Participants enjoyed the experience of kickboxing working with various self-defense techniques learned in this grand opening.







Kids and Parents No-gi: Prof. Carlos and Prof. Dave invited parents and kids to join the class together. Professors lead the class with high energy with the kids fully engaged and parents excited to be part of their learning experience. Special thanks for all the parents who stepped on the mats to join our little ones on this special event.




Adult No-gi: Prof. Carlos, Prof. Dave, and Prof. Don worked creatively and each showed their specialties to our advanced students, as well as helping our beginners to dip their toes into the fun of no-gi.

Emerging leaders of Gracie Barra Downers Grove did a fantastic job assisting professors in seminars, greeting everyone, introducing our program structure to visitors, and jump in to anything the team needs assistance with.


It was such a rewarding moment watching all of our participants leaving the school with a big smile on their faces. Thank you everyone who came to support the grand opening of Gracie Barra Downers Grove!

GB Downers Grove

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