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Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone
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” BECOME a GB Downers Kids Ambassador “

We are out on a mission looking for the GB Downers Grove ambassador! Do you know of a GB little champ or teen who has what it takes?
Our ambassador will be representing GB Downers, reaching out to his/her school to help set up a workshop. Our ambassador will be on the mats demonstrating with the instructors to bring jiu jitsu to touch more lives! To help our ambassador grow on the path of jiu jitsu, each ambassador will receive a GB backpack, hat, and a private lesson ?
If you are interested or know of a little champ or teen that would be an excellent ambassador, please contact us at ?

For further questions call us at : 630 964 1414

GB Downers Grove
” Jiu Jitsu for everyone “

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