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Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone

” How much Jiu-Jitsu can change your Life “

Most people entering the gentle art have no idea how much this art can help them to achieve in their lives.

At first, the desire to learn how to self-defend and lose weight can stand out as the main reason they are wearing a kimono. Although about 10 years ago it was not so common, today people who never imagined themselves practicing a martial art have found in jiu-jitsu a love for their lives. Women, children, elderly, executives and many other professionals make up a new group of students. More concerned about health and life, these types of people – not very common in the gym some time ago, have adopted the jiu-jitsu as a real lifestyle.

A healthy diet, peaceful mind, daily training, sleep and care for the body. The change power of the gentle art is something that does not happen overnight. When wearing the kimono for the first time, the student may not know, but from that moment on, the essence of BJJ lifestyle starts acting upon them. In the first classes, they learn that strength is not always the best alternative and that after some time the knowledge acquired will stand over strength. People take this lesson to life. Brutality and ignorance often become extinct attitudes within practitioners.

Pics Credit: Wilson Fox – @thefoxidentity Pics Credit: Wilson Fox – @thefoxidentityPics Credit: Wilson Fox – @thefoxidentity Pics Credit:
Wilson Fox – @thefoxidentity
Realizing how far this fight can go is still something to be discovered in the future. But one thing is certain: far beyond the techniques, jiu-jitsu transforms human beings into super humans. OSS!

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” Jiu Jitsu for Everyone ”
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