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” GB World Summit GB Downers full report. “

We just wrapped up 3 days of rich knowledge and memories of a lifetime with all the Gracie Barra leaders and future champions. Being in the presence of Master Carlos Gracie Jr brought everybody together.

The energy we share this past three days is unforgettable. Not only did we spent time on the mats between seminars learning from the best of the best, we also stuffed our schedule with endless business meetings and discussions, always seeking the best opportunity to serve and grow our Gracie Barra Downers Grove family!

14 of us represented GB Downers Grove, and we celebrated significant events among the team! Professor Jerry received his 4th degree black belt; Sam won first place in the GB competition; Jamil received his black belt from Master Carlos Gracie Jr. We enjoyed the moment when Arman, aka Eel, with a heart full of desire for knowledge ended up demonstrating technique with Master Carlos. More than that, we saw the dedication from professor Carlon and Dave, instructor Pedroca, Zaed, Mike, Alex Diaz and Ron supporting the team in every moment of the events.

Also our business mastermind coach Devon and I-Yung devoting their time seeking knowledge and engage in business discussion with leaders who expand Gracie Barra, seeking opportunity for growth back home. 

We were so thrilled and honored to be part of this important chapter of Gracie Barra history, and can’t wait to bring all of these home and bring our GBDG family. 

Special thanks to all the senior members and coaches for keeping classes going in our absence. See you all back on the mats on Monday!

Prof Carlos Proudly represented the Red Shield.

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