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Eventful weekend at GB Downers Grove

The 5th annual BBQ along with our special seminar was a great success! We are truly blessed to have Professor Ryo, one of original co founders of Gracie Barra Downers Grove, join us at this special event. Our mats was packed end-to-end by inspiring GB jiu-jitsu practitioners along with 6 black belts world class professors. Together we learned from Professor Ryo’s teachings and wisdom, and shared laughs of stories from his jiu jitsu journey back when he started everything under Prof Carlos Lemos Jr in Brazil. The eventful day was joined by over 50 friends and families at the Whitlock park of Downers Grove, tasting the flavor of Brazilian BBQ. We cannot be more thankful of having such special guests and all of your continuous support building this strong family. We look forward to our next main event: GBDG 2.0 grand opening! Stay tuned!

Congratulations to all the students who got graded: Rob Gross, Ron Poholik, John Franklin, Fred Barker, Alex Macridin, Ryder Nicholson, Jason Snyder and Jack Keskonis.

A very special thanks for our friends and GB Leaders coach Josh Cadenbach from GB champagne and Prof Don Fox from GB Bloomington. Thank you for always supporting our events.



see you on he mats !

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