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Not one but two of the legendary leaders of  the Original Gracie Barra HQ in Barra Da Tijuca Brazil, personal training partners of Prof Filipe Jerry and Carlos Lemos Jr for the last 24 years are coming to our school for a first time ever seminar and belt Grading.

Here is some info about our guest instructors :

Prof Rafael Ramos  is a multiple times international champion, leader of Gracie Barra in San Diego, CA as well as a 3rd degree Black Belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr, Prof Rafael posses an unique flowing style based on relaxation and an unbeatable base.Professor Rafael started training at the age of 13 at the original Gracie Barra School in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil. Under Master Carlos tutelage Rafaelʼs extensive knowledge of the “gentle art” was formed at the same mats of the best BJJ instructors and fighters ever known. As a fighter Rafael has achieved many titles, including the multiple Brazilian Nationals, Rio de Janeiro State Championship, Brazilian Team, Pan American. 

Today, Rafael Ramos assumes, as his main mission, the task of passing on to students the teachings and techniques accumulated over a life of arduous training under the tutelage of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. And he maintains close ties to the Gracie Barra academy, to which he is grateful for his apprenticeship, and for the family values he learned that are so important to him.


Prof Kayron Gracie is a Pan American and National Champion, he’s a grandson of the Founder of the Gracie clan Carlos Gracie Sr and BLACK BELT 2nd degree under Master Carlos Gracie Jr’s professor Karyon is also Master Carlos oldest son and a well accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor holding important titles such as World and Pan American Champion. Kayron places a great emphasis on the details of techniques. Kayron’s commitment and talent is serving him on his quest to consecrate his name as one of the Gracie Family’s best of his generation.


You can’t miss this one!


Date: 07/15/2017

Time : 11 am to 2 pm

Cost: GB Members $75,00 Non GB Members $95,00

Sign up now at our front desk Spots are limited ( 35 only)


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