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” Talent isn’t the most important thing in Jiu Jitsu. “

This is a very interesting read about Talent vs Hard Work.

It can be easy to ground ourselves with the notion that we don’t have—or weren’t born with—the talent to succeed. While some people may naturally have the upper hand in some skill sets, being successful at something really comes down to dedicating yourself to develop and master skills. Talent is just a starting point.

It’s practically impossible to disprove that some form of “natural talent” exists. Some people are genetically constructed to have a knack for certain things, especially when it comes to physical ability. For most of us, however, success is not a physical venture. We just want to be good at something. We want to make a decent wage doing something fulfilling so we can live a comfortable life. When we don’t get that, we catch ourselves wasting away on our couch, looking at successful people with envy. Oh, that we were blessed with such talent! If only our stars had lined up like theirs did. Well, your stars can change. You just have to be the one to change them.

Change Your Perspective On Ability

The wrong perspective can hold us back from so many things. When you start to believe that talent is the most essential piece to the puzzle of success, you’ve built up a wall all on your own. You think to yourself “I’ll never be that good because I just don’t have the talent.” You either have it or you don’t, right? The problem is that believing in natural talent assumes that to be successful, you have to be born under the right circumstances. You assume that you must have a marked innate ability to do something well just because you are you.

Wish you were better/smarter/stronger/faster? Sure, hard work helps, but the truth is, your self…
As soon as you start to think that, you’ve already denied yourself the chance. You won’t let yourself go beyond your self-made wall. Talent is real and it makes a difference, yes, but not having it doesn’t block you out of doing whatever it is you want to do. You can be good at something without being naturally talented, it just might be a little more difficult for you.

What it really comes down to is passion, dedication, and the belief that talent can also be learned. When we see talent, we gawk and marvel at someone’s “gifts,” but if you stopped to ask them, there was likely years of hard work on top of that. The Olympic sprinter ran as fast as they could every day of their life, the musician picked up a guitar and played until their fingers were bloody, and the brilliant mathematicians of the world couldn’t stop themselves from satisfying their own curiosity in numbers. You want to be successful at something? Then stop holding yourself back. It’s time to change your mindset and forge your own talent.
In the path of Jiu Jitsu DEDICATION and COMMITMENT are the your biggest weapons! Prof Carlos was the most discredited student on his first 6 months of Jiu Jitsu, to become years later to be considered to be one of the most talented fighters of Gracie Barra. You can do it!


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