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” IBJJF Chicago Spring Open Report “


imageWe may be born alone, but at Gracie Barra, we never fight alone. This past weekend, 7 fearless warriors represented Gracie Barra Downers Grove at the biggest jiu-jitsu tournament in the Midwest. We cannot even begin to tell you the hours of hard work, sweat, tears, aches, and sacrifices these competitors put into their preparation towards this very moment of opportunity. While they may each have their own stories as to why they stepped up to the plate, but when they fight, they surely acted as one team, one couragous soul. image

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image imageWhat we witnessed this weekend at IBJJF Chicago International Open is what we value the most at a society – teamwork. Competitor or not, we have a strong team of the GB Downers Grove family there on the sideline cheering on our teammates, and making sure they have everything they need. We have team members making sure everyone is well nurioushed; dedicated photographers, imageimageteammates to help competitors warm up to their fights; and world class instructors coaching the competitors through every match. Everyone was there to help them reach their greatest potential. As professor Bruno Fernandes from Gracie Barra Montreal shared through his TedTalk: “Don’t be the best sailor on a sinking ship.” Gracie Barra Downers Grove family sure knows how to bring the greatest of teamwork on to the table.image


imageThank you all for supporting our competitors at the tournament.

A special thanks for Dr. Shawn Allen for taking care of prof Carlos moments brides his match!

Congratulations to Professor Carlos, coach Chris, Mike, Ivan, Samantha, Jason, I-Yung and Gibran who walked through this battle shoulder to shoulder. We look forward to seeing such powerful teamwork in the next coming tournament!

GB Downers

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