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Gracie Barra Downers Grove Kids Tournament rocked the House !

Despite the blue weather, today we had an amazing time sharing the mats with our kids on one an awesome tournament!

For the delight of parents and expectators  we had great matches yet the most important part and the main motive of our competition was to teach our kids and teens the values of  sportsmanship, respect, commarodory and teamwork, which are core to GB Jiu Jitsu. We believe all the kids and families were empowered by the growth vision shared on the mats by professor Carlos and our instructors which goes beyond contest of winning or loosing and having GB Jiu Jitsu as an educational and betterment vehicle.

Congratulations to our GBK I, GBK II and GB Teens who participated in this event as well as the families who supported our future Littel champions of life!


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A special thanks to Prof Don Fox and the GB Bloomington team for coming over to compete and to support this event. Instructor Pedro Tello and Coach Chris Hanson, and Steve Troha for sponsoring the best ice cream in town from Dairy Queen !

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