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” GB Downers Student features on EMPOWERED the series coming up soon .”

imageWe are very proud to announce that our Student and friend Kiea H. was selected to take part in the ” EMPOWERED ” series about young super heroes women. Kiea who’s a blue belt and gold medalist under Prof Carlos Lemos Jr will be playing ” Crystal ” a MMA and Kickboxing trainer.


imageWhat is “Empowered: The Series”?
A 10-episode web series focusing on a group of teenage superheroes as they further develop their powers, and are united in the efforts to rescue an endangered friend and fight a threat to their very existence.
A superhero web series that seeks to turn the typical lack and/or poor representation of women in the genre on its head, and present female superheroes in a new fashion: normal, everyday, strong women who happen to have super powers; someone that girls can actually look up to. Although the characters have super powers, we believe that they can show children, adolescents, and young adults–especially girls/young women–that they can feel empowered simply by who they are as a person.

Stay tuned for updates on the series!

Go Kiea!!

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