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” GB Kids and GB Teens Belt Grading of January “

We would like to congratulate our GB Kids who passed their gratings on the month of January. They proved to be real Gracie Barra representatives on and off the mats.image

GB Kids I : Congrats Kane, Raina, Ranveer, Caden, Shawn, Arzoie, Christian, Jonathan, Elisse, Abraham and Damian !


GB Kids II:  Congratulations to these amazing little champions Pierce, Zander, Lucas and Julian A. , Gavin, Louie, Ben, Kaylee, Lucas H. , Payton and Parker

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GB Teens :


Congratulations to Trevor, Miles, Daniel, Vaisa, Alex K.,Ryder, Owen A., Maxy, Ethan, Arian, Christina, Mikey F. , Eddie K., Anthony, Marcos, Donovin, Ulises and Brandon T.


A big thanks to all the GB Downers Grove families and friends for supporting our inspiring future champions of life !


GB Downers

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