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Important Facts you need to know before you start the Gracie Diet “

There are some very important facts to be considered before starting the Gracie Diet: 
carlos-gracie-sr-gi, Gracie-Diet- Carlos Lemos Jr, Self Defense, Jiu Jitsu, Bjj, Martial Arts, Gracie Barra, Champions of Life Gracie Diet, Downers GroveIf you are into Jiu-Jitsu, you most certainly already heard about the famous Gracie Diet. The nutrition method developed by Grandmaster Carlos Gracie has been passed on through the generations within and outside the Gracie family.

Those who follow its teachings quickly become passionate advocates of the diet, so impressed they get with the results it reaches in terms of healthy and well being. Everyday we get questions regarding the Gracie Diet, so here are 10 facts you need to know before you even think of joining it.

1. Foods are divided in 6 main groups

It’s basic, but it’s also fundamental. Food in the Gracie Diet is divided in: 1) protein and vegetables; 2) sweet fruits; 3) starches; 4) acidic fruits; 5) Milk; 6) Milk cream.

2. How to mix the foods in each group is one of the keys to success

GM Carlos goal was to keep the body balanced and what better way of doing that than with how you intake your food. So, he came up with a way to mix the groups and also how to mix the foods within the groups. It can be summed to this simple rules.

A) Foods in group 1 mix with themselves and also with group 2.

B) Foods in group 2 do not mix with each other.

C) Foods in group 3 combine with each other and with one item of group 2 at a time, as long they are not cooked with fat.

D) Foods in group 4 do not combine with each other or any other group.

E) Milk can be combined with foods in group 2 and a few others.

F)Milk cream can be combined with foods in group 2 and a few others.

Click here for the full range of combinations.

3. Cooked meal or fruit-based meals, make your pick

carlos-lemos-jr-self-defense-jiu-jitsu-bjj-martial-arts-gracie-barra-champions-of-life-gracie-diet-oakbrookOne of the paradigm shifts of the Gracie Diet is that fruits are not a desert or a side dish to the main meal. Those who follow the method have to chose between a cooked meal or a fruit-based meal, meaning that if they go for the fruit they consume enough of it to be satiated. So, if you are going for some melon for lunch, eat three of it so you don’t have to add a sandwich in the mix.

4. When to eat is as important as what to eat

Contrary to other popular nutrition methods, the Gracie Diet advocate longer intervals between meals. GM Carlos used to say that 5 hours is the ideal time between meals. The idea is to allow enough time for you body to fully process the previous meal before a new one comes so the foods don’t mix, ruining the combinations. For example, if you ate rice for lunch and only two hours later you eat some potatoes, you’ll be mixing two starches, which is bad according to the Gracie Diet. If five hours is too long for you, those who follow the diet recommend smaller meals and shorter intervals (but at least 3 hours), so the body has time to process one meal before it’s time for the next one.
5. Know your fruits

The Gracie Diet divides fruits in two categories, sweet and acidic, but it’s not that easy to know which fruit belongs to each group. You may think that mango, strawberry and peach are examples of sweet fruits, but they are actually acidic according to GM Carlos. As the goal of the diet is to keep the blood PH to become acidic, you cannot mix acidic fruits with other acidic fruits. So, if you feel like some mangoes, eat as many as you need to feel full and not add anything else.

carlos-gracie-sr-gracie-barra-self-defense-carlos-lemos-jr-gracie-jiu-jitsu-wrestling-judo-downers-grove-women-self-defense-hinsdale-western-springs-wheaton-lombard6. Water is not only H2O

When preparing a fruit juice, you’ll notice that adding water to the mix makes it watery and tasteless, thus in need of sugar (and that’s a big no). So, GM Carlos came up with the concept of different kind “waters”. His waters were juices made of sweet juices that will help you to have a tasteful meal without adding sugar in it. Centrifuged apple, watermelon or melon juices, and also coconut water and sweet lemon juice make great “waters” to be the base of your juice. You can mix any one of them with guava, figs, papaya or pears, for example.

7. No tomatoes?

Tomatoes are not really banned, but the thing is they are in the acidic fruit group, so they need to be consumed alone. As you are hardly going to make a whole meal out of tomatoes, it’s better to avoid it. By the way, vinegar, mustard and lyme are also not recommended for their acidity.





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The old gentleman on the pictures ft. this article are of the founder of The Gracie Jiu Jitsu clan, Great Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr. respectively wearing a Jiu Jitsu kimono at the age of 90 and on the beach on his 80’s.

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