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” The Gracie Barra Downers Grove 4th Annual Summer BBQ is a huge success “

Sunday 21st of August the GB Downers Grove Team gathered at the Whitlock park to celebrate another victorious Semester.

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We are so blessed to have families and friends of GB Downers joining us for our 4th Annual Summer BBQ to share an afternoon of fun and great food.

image image image

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We proudly served 100% natural and organic by PURESOME catering, and all the meats were grilled by a team of professionals in the authentic Brazilian style.

Meats at the grill

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GB Downers Team members having fun

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Prof Dave brought this year’s mascot Jake to the party

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At the end of the event the team posed for the traditional annual picture and grading ceremony! Congratulations to everyone who received their grades. Special cheers for Coach Tony Tone on his brown belt and Coach Cindy Mckay on her purple belt!

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We can’t thank enough for all the members who participated in making this party a huge success! Special thanks to : Mr. Lemos Sr, I-Yung, Stacy, Josh, Coach Chris, Samantha, Stephanie,Tony Tone, Coach Pedroca, Dave V, Devon, Heather, PURESOME catering company and our grill master Professor Sergio Costa.
Thank you very much team.

4th Gracie Barra Downers Grove Annual Summer BBQ Team Picture

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If you missed this event or if you haven’t had the opportunity to participate on a GB Downers Grove annual special event, you don’t know what you are missing!
Stay tuned for the end of the year celebration/Christmas Party.

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