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” No Jiu Jitsu classes on Saturday 13th of August “


All the Jiu Jitsu classes are canceled on the 13th of August in appreciation of the Ibjjf Chicago International Open.

We are coming with a team of over 25 athletes among adults and children.

Here are the matches schedule for the gb Downers competitors :

Stacy: 2pm on Sunday

I-Yung: 2pm on Sunday

Robert: 3pm on Sunday

Paul: 4:20pm on Sunday

James: 4:20pm on Sunday

Joshua Kochek: 4:20pm on Sunday

Samantha: (Gi) 9am on Sunday (No Gi) 1:35pm on Sunday

Jason: (Gi) 2:05pm on Saturday (No Gi) 1pm on Sunday

Cindy: 1:35pm on Saturday

Chris: (Gi) 3:30pm on Saturday (No Gi) 1pm on Sunday

Mike: 4:15pm on Saturday

Jamil: 4:15pm on Saturday

Carlos: (Gi) 2:45pm on Saturday (No Gi) 9am on Sunday

Beau: (Gi) 2:45pm on Saturday (No Gi) 9am on Sunday

Stevan: (Gi) 4:15pm on Saturday (No Gi) 12:05pm on Sunday

Adam: (Gi) 11:40am on Saturday (No Gi) 11:05am on Sunday

Good luck to everyone !
GB Downers

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