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” GB Kids Success teaching and training our youngest students “

GBKids Success: Teaching and Training for Our Youngest Students

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The GBK program at Gracie Barra is about more than just teaching some classes for kids. It is about reaching out to the youth, and their families, and introducing them to the amazing opportunities that lie before them in Jiu-Jitsu training. In the GBK program, we see components such as the GBK Class Structure and GBK Program Structure. These are essential as the foundation for our youth program. However, we cannot dismiss the value of the specific GBK Training and Teaching Practices. In fact, these practices cover an entire realm of topics and strategies which are essential to your teaching experience with GBK students.

The topics we’re going to cover here are individually perhaps small pieces, but they are all valuable pieces to the bigger picture – the picture of you providing amazing Jiu-Jitsu training to the next generation of Gracie Barra.

Gracie Barra, Martial Arts, Carlos Lemos Jr, Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Karate for Kids, Martial Arts for Kids, Naperville, Hinsdale, Lombard, Oak Brook, Downers Grove

Let’s take a closer look at these GBK Training & Teaching Practices:

Attendance Cards – We  Use these tools every time our students come to class. They are simple yet really effective tools for tracking attendance and evaluating eligibility for promotion. Our young GBK students also benefit from them because they can see their own progress and commitment to training.

Pair Up Practice – Our Students will feel much more confident and safe if their training partners are the best matches possible. We pair our students up within age and ability levels.

Line Up Practice – This practice is one of the best ways to instill order  and discipline in our GBK classes – something that can otherwise be quite challenging with energetic and young kids.

P-C-P Practice – This is the Praise-Correct-Praise practice, where We give them positive feedback, offer something on which they need to improve, and then end with another positive praise. It is essential to keep a healthy balance of letting our students know what they are doing that is great, and helping them to learn how to correct techniques and behaviors.

Entering and Exiting the Mats Practice – Teaching our GBK students how to enter and exit the mats teaches them about how to respect the training space and the other people on it.

The Bow Practice – This is one of the most long-standing traditions in martial arts – the bow. This is another way to demonstrate the respect and appreciation the school, training areas, Instructors, and overall training environment.

If you want to give your child an opportunity to experience one of our GB Kids classes, call us at 630 964-1414

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