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” We are Ready to support the Baja Mission Kids “











Our “Baja Kids Mission”

project is underway. Thanks for your overwhelming support so far! At the front desk, you will find a poster with a sign-up sheet to sponsor one of these children. Each child has a checklist for you to provide, which includes basic school supplies, a pair of shoes and $20 to cover our portion of the backpack. We are able to purchase these high quality, official GB backpacks for such a low price because Gracie Barra’s gbwear has so generously covered half of the cost of the backpacks as their way of showing support for our project!
Please remember that this is a group effort, please do not feel that you have to sponsor one on your own – ask a teammate and friend to go in together to help one child! You may also choose to make a monetary donation to support the mission, as we will be purchasing items to supplement the contents of the packages. Our goal is to have these backpacks shipped by mid-June, so please start bringing in your donations at your earliest convenience.
If you have any questions about the mission in general, please contact Professor Carlos. If you have specific questions about items on your child’s checklist (ie: shoe sizes), please contact Andrea Beckham (GBDG muay thai member) at the school, at or via facebook.
“No act of kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many.”

Andrea Beckham

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