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Professors Carlos Lemos Jr and Sergio Costa featured on the GB HQ this Week”


The GB Virtual Headquarters, or vHQ, is an exclusive social site that aims at bringing all of our Gracie Barra Instructors, Gracie Barra Program Directors, and Gracie Barra School Owners together as one global online community. It is not a simple online community where just anyone can create an account and login. Each one of the accounts have been looked into and verified to ensure they are truly part of the Gracie Barra team. In other words: the vHQ is Gracie Barra only! this month the GB VHQ brings GB Downer’s Prof Carlos Lemos Jr and Prof Sergio Costa’s to share their skills with the entire GB community!



GB³ – Week 8 featuring GB Downers Grove, Illinois
Gracie Barra Downers Grove, Illinois is bringing the techniques this week! Professor Carlos Lemos Jr., aka “Escorrega”, was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro and is now a 4th Degree Black Belt and 3x World Champion! When Carlos was just a Blue Belt his Professor relocated to São Paulo so Escorrega started to train at the GBHQ – Brasil with Master Carlos Gracie Jr. who would graduate him from Blue to Black Belt. Professor Carlos was able to establish himself among the top competitors in the world while at the same time attending Law School in Rio for four years! If that weren’t enough, he had the honor of becoming Master Carlos Gracie Jr.’s assistant instructor and spent years with him on the mat learning his teaching skills, style, and method. In 2004, Prof. Carlos was given the task of spreading Gracie Barra in Europe to which he still influences today having graduated many Black Belts in the continent that have gone on to open their own Gracie Barra Schools. It would be four years later in 2008 that Master Carlos Gracie Jr. gave Professor Carlos the new challenge of establishing Gracie Barra in the Chicago area and GB Downers Grove was born! In this video, Professor Carlos shares with us a nice Foot Sweep and a lot of great details on Side Control that helped him win many of his competitions.


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