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” Benefits of Private lessons in BJJ “

imagesI had a brand new student to bjj (How new? I had to demonstrate how to tie the white belt!) who started taking private classes as his introduction to jiu-jitsu. Most students start with group classes and have the occasional private lesson. Some students never take private lessons.

This student had the time and resources to book a block of private lessons.

If you have the finances, is taking all private lessons the fastest way to get good at jiu-jitsu? So what is the best way to learn bjj?
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Each type of session has its learning strengths for the student



Private Lessons:

Allow the student to focus on exactly what that individual student needs to know at their stage of development;
The instructor can adjust the rate at which new techniques are introduced if the student is a faster / slower learner;
A more advanced student will be able to focus more on their personal bjj game each session;
The amount of NEW information that the student gets each class is maximized;
The training time is most convenient for the student’s schedule.

Women private training upon request ( Female coach)

Call us now at 630 964 1414 to schedule a private lesson with one of our 5 Black Belt Professors or one of 4 our coaches.





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