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3 Reasons Your Friends Should Try Jiu-jitsu

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1) See your friends more often

2) Hang out with your friends while getting fit

3) Making new friends and REAL face time

Most of us students of Brazilian jiu-jitsu can not imagine our lives without going to the academy several times per week. At a social gathering some of your friends will ask how your jiu-jitsu is going and might express curiosity about what you do at the academy.

Many people are interested in trying a martial art or are looking for another fitness activity to get involved in, but they may be unsure what it is all about and how to get started. The best way for them to over come their inertia and inhibitions is to come along with their friend – YOU! and try a class This week.

Bring one friend to try the Gracie Barra Family and receive 1 week for free.

Call us now at 630 964 1414 and try schedule your free tryout class!

GB Downers.

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