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Grand Master Fransciso Mansor needs your help



In times of need we assemble our Jiu-Jitsu brothers and sisters for support. We belong to a fraternity that relies on itself to support our elders and masters when the time arises.

That time is now…

It is time to show the Honor, Loyalty, and Respect that a true Grand Master and pioneer of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu deserves.

Due to an unfortunate incident involving two young assailants Master Mansor was hospitalized, and the ensuing medical bills are becoming daunting to say the least. These bills tend to exert immense strain on all aspects of our lives.

This unfortunate incident and the related trips to the hospital have rendered our great Kioto Jiu-Jitsu founder, Grand Master Mansor, in need of our help.

Grand Master Franscisco Mansor is a legend of the art who did so much for the Jiu Jitsu community throughout a life dedicated to it. Right now it’s our chance to support him :


support this noble cause if you can


GB Downers


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