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GB year Recap 2015

Every year we have the opportunity to make new dreams come true, reach new goals, and from all the success we achieve chart a new future together. We create a new path and give it unforgettable moments. Every year Gracie Barra writes another chapter in its history, and 2015 could not have been better. A year to go down in history… a year to be celebrated!

It was 365 days of hard work around the mission given to us by Master Carlos Gracie Jr.: To spread Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone. But how can we perform and honor the mutual commitment of GB’s Red Shield?

We’ve won more than 80 trophies! An achievement that only a team with more than 500 schools around the world could achieve – and we are that team. This could be enough for us to already have 2015 as the best year in our history. But it was not enough. After all, a mission is only successfully accomplished when all the efforts, possible and impossible, are made around it.

When we look back on 2015 and all the achievements reached by our family, it’s clear that we are getting closer and closer to make an audacious dream to come true: one GB school in every city around the world.

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