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Graduates of the Gb Downers Girls Self Defense Course finish the course with flying colors!

Congratulations to the graduates of GB Downers Grove Teen Girl’s Self Defense Class!  These great young ladies came in with open minds and willingness to learn and train hard.   Over the course of the 6 classes we discussed awareness of our surroundings and how to stack the deck in our favor to avoid dangerous situations before they occur.  We trained overall core and cardio for warm ups and then moved to serious methods of self-defense.  We started with simple techniques like doing break-falls, technical stand-up, and a variety of grip breaks. Prof Lou Tobar taught an exceptional class on elbows and knees that the students really enjoyed.  They progressed so quickly with their conditioning and confidence that we were able to move into complex escapes from standing front chokes, full mount front chokes and finally even hip throws when being choked from behind.

We at GB Downers Grove, could not be more proud of these girls, of the surrounding communities of  Hinsdale, Western Springs, Downers Grove, Oak Brook, Lombard, Wheaton, Clarendon Hills and La Grange for their attitude, effort and focus during their 6 week class.  Thank you to the parents for caring so much about your daughters, and having the foresight to have them learn skills that could one day save their lives.  We are honored that you would trust us with your precious daughters and we hope that they continue to train hard!

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A special thanks to coach Peter Buinauskas, Coach Cindy Mckay, Prof Lou Tobar, Mrs. Andrea Beckham and officer Alex Rojas!

Congratulations Team

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