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10 Health Benefits of Kick Boxing in November enjoy a week for free!

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The month of November, non GB Students can train up to a week for free on our Muay Thai (Kick boxing) !

Muay Thai also known as ” kick boxing” is a high energy workout, the Martial art originated in Thailand . It is a great way to change-up your workout and try something new.

Here are 10 Health Benefits of Kickboxing Classes:

  1. Muscle Toning: Muay Thai(Kickboxing) tones your upper and lower body through punching and kicking the bag. You will feel stronger each time you go.
  2. Increased Flexibility: Before starting, stretch for about 15 minutes to prepare your body to move. Kicking and thawing knee strikes during the class will build flexibility too.
  3. Better Circulation: Kickboxing practice will get your heart rate going to increase circulation in your body.
  4. Stress Relief: Relieve your stress and anger on a punching bag during a kickboxing class! Great Mental Therapy !
  5. Full Body Workout: Save time by combining your cardio, core and resistance workouts during the kickboxing classes.
  6. Defend Yourself: Muay Thai Kickboxing is great for general self-defense. You will build self-confidence as you become stronger.
  7. Increased metabolism: An increased heart rate of the exercises during kickboxing will help you to speed up your metabolism and burn fat and calories for you to lose weight during and after the classes, your body will still burn for up to 24 hours!
  8. Improve Balance: As you are kicking and throwing knee strikes on one foot, you will build balance and stability to throw harder strikes as time goes on.
  9. Improve Coordination: Each set of punches, kicks and knees will push you to coordinate the motions between your arms and legs to improve your overall coordination.
  10. It’s Fun: Kickboxing is a high energy workout that in addition with the right music and the enthusiastic team of professor Lou Tobar can be the best part of your day!


Come and try us out! Call (630) 964-1414 or e-mail us at to take advantage of our November’s promotion and have a week free of Muay Thai lessons at our school.

PARENTS AND CHILDREN ATTENTION, New Kick Boxing Classes starting in December on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:45pm to 5:30Pm. Sign up now!

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