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Teen Self Defense – Some Words from Coach Pete

PhotoWelcome to the Gracie Barra Family!


Thank you to the parents and your wonderful daughters for having the courage to think out of the box and join the world’s largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Family.  We at Gracie Barra Downers Grove are honored to have your girls join us in the first steps of their journey through high school, college and
beyond.  We hope our 6 week program instills confidence and a feeling of empowerment, while still promoting health and most importantly the awareness to successfully and safely navigate the exciting, and a bit dangerous waters that lay ahead of them. 


In the hour and a half we have them on Sundays they will get a great workout, leIMG_0521arn new escape techniques, some health tips, and hear some real life stories about actual assaults.  These are extremely difficult subjects to broach with teenage girls.  We will make every effort to make sure the girls understand that overall life for a young lady is a wonderful, happy and positive experience, but at the same time we must be diligent and stack the odds in our favor by being aware of ones surroundings.  We will be reminding them to not be walking alone at night, unplug the ear buds, be aware in parking lots, look for physical cues and body language of strangers that give away their intentions.  We believe these are all conversation starters.  The REAL training and awareness comes at home through open conversations and exchange of information.  We’ll start the uncomfortable subjects…. But all of you together must finish it and reinforce it in a positive and meaningful way that is unique to each girl.  No one knows your girls better than you do.  They are going to learn some really cool stuff.  Sunday we taught how to stand up after being knocked down…. Ask for a demo!!  Older dads if you try it watch out for pulled muscles, I’m sure the girls would like to see you try!!

IMG_0524You’ve blessed us with a great group of polite and engaged young ladies with their minds open to trying new techniques that at first don’t make a lot of sense.  We hope to return young ladies that will be empowered and aware….maybe a bit sore… and very confident in the knowledge that they have a legit shot at defending themselves, but more importantly AVOIDING a bad situation. 


You will be getting emails from time to time with updates and maybe some pictures taken during classes.  We hope you enjoy
them!  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.


Thank you,


Prof. Carlos

Coach Pete

Coach Cindy

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