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Masters World Championships of 2015 Full Report

imageThis weekend in Las Vegas Nevada was the Masters World Championships ofJiu-Jitsu. The tournament was held at this new location for the first time ever, and was sold out a month before registration was scheduled to close. This event showcases the worlds best Jiu-Jitsu practioners and some of the legends of the sport. As usual, Gracie Barra was represented well by fighters from all over the world. Gracie Barra Downers Grove sent 4 of their higher ranking fighters to the tournament to defend the red shield, being led by their leader and professor Carlos Lemos Jr.., a legend of the sport himself. The otherimage 3 fighters brought to anchor the were Sergio Costa, Dave Domzalski, and Jamil Fakhoury.
The fighting kicked off on friday with professor Sergio Costa in the master 1 medium-heavy black belt division. Professor Sergio defeated his firstopponent via submission (wrist lock) 4 minutes into his match and dismissing his opponent from the tournament. In the quarter finals of the tournament Professor Sergio faced a very difficult and imagewell known fighter from Gracie Humita, Rodrigo Pinhiero. Professor Rodrigo Pinhiero was on of the favorites of the division and has been avery prestigious champion black belt fighter for many years and was taken the distance by our very own Professor Sergio. Professor Sergio lost a very close match by 2 points to professor Rodrigo.
Next to fight was Professor Dave Domzalski in the master 1 light-feather black belt division. Professor Dave made his debut on the world stage a big one with a upset victory over professor Clint James Gerona of thIMG_4097e Gracie Elite team. Professor Dave had a very exciting match, and won a close fight on points. Professor Dave earned his way to the quarterfinals as well were he would face a long time black belt and champion of many well recognized tournaments, Gabriel Afonso Dos Santos Moraes from Alliance. Professor Dave kept it a close match attacking a favorite of the division and eventual silver medalist through out. In the end the score board favored Professor Gabriel, and professor Dave showed everyone in the world that he would be no easy out.IMG_4098
On saturday, Jamil Fakhoury opened up the tournament of the master 1 browimagen belt utra-heavy division with a first round by in a division stacked with former world champions and world champ medalists. In the second round he would face last years purple belt world champion David Theodore Morehead of Checkmat. Coach Jamil fought a close match in points but dominated him to a half guard player. In the end it came down to a very easy referees decision that went in Coach Jamils favor, and earned him the right to fight for a medal in the semi-finals of the tournament. In the semis coach Jamil would face a much larger opponent well into 300 pound plus range from Detroit Jiu-Jitsu (Brasa Affiliate) Anthony Fawaz. Inthis match Coach Jamil would take Anthony Fawaz down with a snap down technique and control position until he finally took his back and rolled his way into the championship match. In the finals, Coach Jamil faced Joseph Moku Kahawai, last years brown belt ultra-heavy champion from Atos Jiu-Jitsu and being coached by Rafael Mendes. This match was a well fought one by both competitors and went down to the last second where Joseph Kahawai was given an advantage for a near takedownimageand Coach Jamil was not given an advantage for a near wrist lock submission. In the end Coach Jamil lost by one advantage point and earned himself a silver medal in the World Championship. Last but not least was our leader and defender! Professor Carlos came into the tournament the favorite as last years world champion, and was the man focused on by every competitor in the division. On Friday Professor Carlos opened up his match against Toshio Imawa, a former pride fighter from Barbosa Jiu-Jitsu. Professor Carlos dominated the match until he took his opponents back and cross collar choked him. In the quarter finals professor Carlos faced Wugner Amador from GF Team. In this match professor Carlos aggressively opened the guard with a jump pass and professor Wugner would become too injured to continue a match controlled the whole way by Professor Carlos. In the semi-final Professor Carlos met with Segio Calderon from Team Aranha in a match that was closer on the score board than anything. Professor Carlos claimed an easy referees decision and moved on to the world championship match. In the finals Professor Carlos faced Rodrigo Ranieri from Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu. In this match things got ugly and aggressive, but Professor Carlos would not be denied of his gold medal.  Professor Carlos smothered his opponent unimagetil a near armbar submission was saved by the clock in the last second of the match, and Professor Carlos’s arm was raised as a WORLD CHAMPION for the 3rd time!!!!!!! Professor Carlos put himself out there again for his students, friends, and family and, as always, brought everything he had for all ofus.  All of GB Downers Grove is so proud of you professor, and we are proud and lucky to call you our leader!

The Midwest and Chicago, Oak Brook, La Grange, Hinsdale, Lombard, Wheaton, Naperville, Aurora, Burr Ridge,Clarendon Hills andDowners Grove Martial Arts and Jiu Jitsu imageCommunity are well represented by these guys!


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