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Meet The Power Foods!

Stock up on these ingredients. Research proves they can make you stronger, rev your metabolism, burn serious fat-even ease soreness so you can do it all over again tomorrow

Gain Energy



OatMeal: Provides staying power so you won’t crash between the10th and 11th laps


Raisins: Grab a handful during long workout for a natural energy boost.


Banana: Just as effective as sports drink  at keeping your electrolytes balanced .

Soothe Pain

Ginger:Flights nausea and can reduce muscle pain by 20 about percent.


Tart Cherries: They neutralize free radicals so you can recover faster.


Turmeric: The spice that makes curry yellow acts like ibuprofen against join pain.


Build Muscle


Eggs: This rich source of the amino acid leucine jump-starts muscle repair.


Salmon or Tuna: Their protein urges your muscles to begin the strengthening process.


Taking care of your health will not only give you all the benefits we’ve listed, and many more, but the confidence and self-knowledge in all aspects of your life—so bon appetite! Coach Miryan Samejima

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