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Professor Carlos Lemos Jr’s Pan American Championships 2015

Note from Professor Carlos Lemos Jr on the last day of the Pan American Championships 2015:

It was a great experience at the Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship with my brothers from the Gracie Barra team. Yesterday I was so proud to see a real BJJ clinic from prof Sergio, a super hard and well fought match of Inst Stevan Glodic and to see my full time firefighter and father, brother Hamil Fakhoury stepping on hrs podium twice!! It was impressive!

My story, well to start I would like to thanking all of my opponents for the great matches, and give special thanks to my teammates: Inst Stevan, Jamil, Mr. Salim, Professor Joe, and the whole team that ensures the competition goes smoothly.

After a really hard match on the quarter finals against the renowned Wugner Amador today,
I had the honor to take up the challenges from two incredible world-class fighters today: the professional MMA fighter from Japan, Mr. Tomomi Iwama; and the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend, Mr. André Motta. Both matches were extremely tough and I have great respect for both fighters.

Many thanks to inst Stevan, who woke me up and drove me this morning so I was able to be at the event on time. I changed into my gi and started my warm-up routine without knowing anything about my opponent. Mr. Iwama is a top MMA fighter who fights in the DEEP show. He stopped all of my take-down attempts, and I eventually went into half guard and swept him, taking the match to the ground. The match was tough – after several exchanges from both sides, I pulled half guard then the single-leg take down. The time was up just right when I almost passed his guard, and I won the match by points.

My final match today was with the Brazilian legend, Mr. André Motta Marques, who has a record of guard being passed only twice in the past 20 years! Mr. Motta is one of the best super feather/feather weigh in the world, and it’s a tough experience for both of us. The match started with him jumping guard, and I went into his guard but using the side-to-side technique I drill with my students on the competition team back at GB Downers Grove. Every time I attempted to his pass guard to one side, he defended putting me right back to his guard which forced me to move to the other side,it was a classical JIUJITSU match, with both of us looking for an exchange eventually after struggling I passed his guard and got his back. The match ended by submission, and I am very grateful of the opportunity to share the experience with such a great legend.

Every time we go out for a battle, we bring back so much knowledge and experience to share with each and every one of our students. Non of this would be possible if there was not the strong team who stands by us and supports every step of our journey. Thanks to my teammates, thanks to the Gracie Barra family, thanks to all my family in Downers Grove and Brazil, thanks to all my students from GB Downers Grove and all over the world, and special thanks to Fusion Beach Hotel who sponsored my journeys.




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