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Are you pulling your Attendance Cards?

Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts for Kids Brazilia jiu jitsu, Carlos Gracie Jr, Gracie Barra, Gracie Barra Downers Grove, Judo for kids, Karate club, Karate for Kids, Martial art for kids, MMA, self defense for kids, top jiujitsuTeam the attendance card is the very way to keep track of your progress and your achievements , It helps our instructors to keep you always up to date with the program you participate and to dose your practice according to your attendance in the school.


The attendance card its a professional and personal way  of interaction between students and teachers !


Gracie Barra Downers Grove Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Members, Don’t forget to pull your attendance cards!



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