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Gracie Barra Downers, Miryan Samejima , Gracie Barra Downers Grove, Gracie Barra Illinois, Carlos Lemos Jr, Carlos Gracie, Gracie Jiujitsujpg*****If  you haven’t had an opportunity  to give your  name  for the Belt Grading and BBQ ,please call us asap! *****


List of belt Grading (Confirmed)  :


Samuel (Little Champs 1)

Rayyan (Little Champion 2)

Anaya (Little Champion 2)

Alex( Little Champion 2)

Eddie (Teens Program)

Lorenzo (Teens Program)

Drew (Teens Program)

Brandon (Teens Program)

Owen (Little Champion 2)

Sean ( Teens program)

Tony( Teens Program)

Anthony( Little Champ 1)

Alex (Little Champ 1)

Mathew (Teens Program)

Michael (Little Champion 2)

Anna( Little Champion 2)

Gabriel (Little Champion 2)

Luke ( Little Champion 1)

Canon( Little Champion 1)

Aiden ( Little Champion 1)

John (Little Champion 1)



Mirza ( Fundamental)

Renee ( Fundamental)

Rahila ( Fundamental)

Rosie ( Fundamental)

Tony( Fundamental)

Jen( Fundamental)

Ibrahim ( Fundamental)

Kimberly (Fundamental)

Marc R ( Fundamental)

Peter L ( Fundamental)

Yubell ( Fundamental)


Chris T ( Advance Program)


Sergio Costa ( Professor JJ) 

Brett S ( Black Belt)

Pedro T ( Black Belt)

Malutan ( Black Belt)

Alex ( Black Belt)

Kiea ( Black Belt)

Joe E (Black Belt)

Joe M( Black Belt)

Nadeen ( Black Belt)

Mike G. ( Black Belt)

Liz Tony ( Black Belt)

Aaeron ( Black Belt)

Katrina (Black Belt)

Michael B (Black Belt)

Peter B ( Black Belt)

Cathy ( Black Belt)

Jamil ( Black Belt)

Barry (Black Belt)

Scott ( Black Belt)

Cindy ( Black Belt)

Fred( Black Belt)

JC A ( Black Belt)

Dan L ( Black Belt)

Donny ( Black Belt)

Carlos L( Black Belt)

Caleb L ( Black Belt)

Brando B (Black Belt)

Erick C ( Black Belt)

Gerardo ( Black Belt)

Gregory ( Black Belt)

Garfield ( Black Belt)

Hector ( Black Belt)

Ken ( Black Belt)

Louis Tobbar ( Professor MT)

Dee (MT)

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