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The Way of the Warrior!

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Great warriors throughout history have often lived their lives by a strict moral code, whether it was the Bushido Code of ancient samurai or the code of chivalry followed more recently by the knights in England in the middle ages. These codes serve an important purpose considering the capabilities of these highly trained warriors.

Not many people know that Samurai actually literally translates as ‘to serve’ and that the highest cause for a Samurai was to serve their master or ‘Shogun’. The Bushido Code then stresses loyalty to the Shogun, to the family and to Japan as well as mastery of the martial arts. Failure in one of these areas would lead to a loss of honour on the part of the Samurai. Honor was an incredibly important concept for Samurai and essentially boiled down to reputation and the inherited reputation of the family and the predecessors. If a Samurai lost his honor however he could famously regain it through ‘Seppuku’ (ritual suicide) not taking it to the extreme of these valiant warriors of the past, loyalty to one’s master, family and country is the Bushido’s or ” the  Way of the Warrior ” main tenet! 


This primal idea ( of self sacrifice for the wellbeing of a group is inherited within our own DNA)didn’t started with the Samurai of Japan, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters traditional whole models, It started from the times of the stone age monadic hunter tribes to the formation of our own Country  and Wars We endured ” Loyalty to cause is strictly related with survival of a society ” 

Throughout my Jiu Jitsu path Master Carlos Gracie Jr was my reference and whole model, like any human being he wasn’t always kind or perfect, but We were there to follow his spirit and philosophy which is far more deeper and profound than any our humane limitations to understand his motives. These ideas of servitude and loyalty where fostered into my personality by him, who received this knowledge by his father the Great Grand Master and founder of our art Carlos Gracie Sr, who received it by Maeda before him, a reminiscent of the original Samurais.

Master Carlos’ teachings weren’t all the times encouraging on his words, but necessarily empowering!  Some times, hard like his unmovable sincerity, some times deep as his soul.

I can remember the times he gave me a compliment or said something positive about my performance, thats why the times he did were so special to me.

He never coach me or any of us on our matches, he wasn’t present in all tournaments and he never needed to, just the fact that We were his students representing his name made us feel invincible ! Our faith on his teachings and our unquestionable desire to honor his legacy guided us to victory!

There were many other inspiring accounts of the experiences I lived with my Gracie Barra Brothers by Master Carlos, but this I shall share in another opportunity, the main message of this article is to educate our students learning this amazing art called Jiu Jitsu .

– Professor What’s the way? I get often asked…. ” Well what I learned from him is before skill, before talent, before anything comes LOYALTY ”   

Call me old school if you want but for me ” Loyalty to one Master! is the warrior’s way “

Prof. Carlos Lemos Jr

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