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Look up quick results of the IBJJF Chicago Summer Open, Competition meeting coming soon!


                                                            GREAT JOB TEAM!

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Ours warriors brought home 2 silver medals, 6 bronze medals and a gold medal. We are proud of all of you.

In order to make the team even stronger and more organized , Professor Carlos Lemos and Miryan Samejima will meet online with the leaders of GB in the Midwest on Wednesday and will meet with all our competition team (Downers Grove’s students) at the GB Downers HQ on Friday at 6pm .

Please, If you’re a competitor from GB or if you have plans to competing or coaching do not miss this meeting!

Here, Pictures from the IBJJF tournament (Summer Chicago Open) this weekend

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10547662_934205163261483_603076213402444606_n 10444519_934201626595170_8011649426128795709_n 10418235_934202319928434_1959850976325516071_n 10376715_934201043261895_4353045443815829726_n 10354595_934201463261853_6311452802651651516_n 10410679_934200019928664_7740365736503809429_n 10377618_934203689928297_3540526423371084064_nunnamed-1 Obese kids, Gracie Barra, Martial Arts, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Karate for Kids, Martial Arts for Kids, Downers Grove, Martial Arts in Naperville, Martial arts in Hinsdale, Carlos Gracie Jr, Karate


See you all on the mats!








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