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Lucas Hernandez



As we have stated before Jiu Jitsu Is for everyone, age is not a boundary, as long as the student stays committed to this practice in order to achieve success.
The benefits of practicing Jiu Jitsu at an early age will help to develop flexibility, strength and endurance. Besides the physical work, jiu jitsu also helps to increase social skills, concentration and self-confidence. We have notice that a lot of our students have changed drastically in a matter of weeks.

Raymond Hernandez a police man from Downers Grove signed his son Lucas three weeks ago and since then, his son changed from being a shy kid to a very active and happy student. “ I’ve notice that my son is taking more initiative when it comes to sparing with other kids but when he started, he did not even dare to talk to the other kids. I recommend this practice to all the parents and kids out there because this practice is incredible ” Lucas is not the only kid who have shown great progress in the school, a lot of these kids have learned to confront certain situations in order to transformed them into something healthy and optimistic, Our kids know that courage and discipline are essential keys to become victorious in their personal life’s. We try to give them the best education possible so they can use it in their daily life.

At our school, we care about the personal growth of our students, which is why we created a safe space for everyone in order to let them be themselves and to have fun while they are learning, Besides, our coaches are certified to give them the best education possible. So please come and visit us so we can give you a free class for your son so you can see how valuable this practice is.


Lucas Hernandez and Kenzo Samejima:

Lucas Hernandez, Kenzo Samejima

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