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Gracie barra goes to Cancun !


Some of the Geacie Barra Downers Grove students are in Cancun Mexico, enjoying the sun, the Ocean and learning with some of the best Jiujitsu Professors in the world. The GB Riviera Maya Summer Experience Camp started this past thursday and is going to be done by the 7th of july.

During this time, all of the students will get the chance to learn new techniques from the one and only Carlos Lemos Jr. A.K.A “Escorrega,” The number one world Nogi and Pan American champion Roberto Tussa and Apreciado Bill. This will be a great time to escape from the noise and the stress of the city to becoming a better warrior.

These seminars will help our students to gain more knowledge and experience during with the help of these incredible martial artists and counterparts from all over the world, our students will get ready for any battle that they will encounter on the mats. I will keep posting more information about the seminar and how much the students are succeeding.



Stay Tuned for the full report and pictures!


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