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Little Champions are enjoying the benefits of training


Thanks to the teachings of our coaches Pedro and Peter, our little campions are becoming really confident on the mats. Gracie Barra is known for giving top notch training to all of our kids, helping them to become happier, athletic and focused in their lives.

On the fifth week of our program, the students are learning the essentials of BJJ. Jiu jitsu is the best martial art for kids because it will help them to stay active in school and also to know how to defend themselves from other kids. Gracie teachings consist on working hard in order to achieve goals and with this philosophy in mind, it will make kids to gain self confidence, and to alway strive for the best.

For a kid to be happy, is necessary to let them be themselves so they can develop their identity, which is why during our classes, it will feel like play time for our students. Our classes are designed with different games that will help the child to learn the technique while they are having fun. Which it gives them the opportunity to socialize, to make decisions and to feel safe, Jiujitsu offers a lot of advantages that will create a brighter future filled with success and happines.







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